LANY Coverage

Alternative indie-pop band LANY put on a lively show at The Truman on Tuesday, drawing in a crowd of more than 1,000 fans.

LANY is a popular, up-and-coming band that started in 2014 and has produced four EPs. Its most notable songs include “ILYSB” — which has 3.3 million plays on Spotify — “4EVER!” and “Super Far.” The three-member band includes Paul Klein, Les Priest and Jake Goss. The band released its self-titled debut album this June.

The night started out with upbeat Norwegian pop singer, Dagny, who performed six songs, including two of her hit songs “Fool’s Gold” and “Love You Like That.”

Dagny related with the crowd, making reference to Kansas City’s famous barbecue. There was strong crowd participation as LANY took the stage after Dagny.

To welcome the band out, the crowd cheered LANY’s name. The atmosphere of the venue instantly changed as soon as the music started. The band began with one of its hit songs “Dumb Stuff,” which was an immediate crowd-pleaser.

The night’s set was 20 songs long, which included many of the songs on the new album and some from the band’s previous EPs. Tessie Laures, an Overland Park native, said she’s been a fan of LANY since 2015 and has seen the growth of the band from its EPs to its first full-length album.

“I think this album was especially more serious than the last one was,” Laures said. “The first one was just like fun, just a little bit like fun-loving.”

For its fourth song, LANY performed “Flowers on the Floor,” in which many girls from the front area threw red roses on the stage. At one point in the song, Klein even caught one of the roses, sending the crowd into loud applause.

Katie McGarr, a St. Louis native and a University of Missouri student who drove nearly two hours to see her fourth LANY concert, said this was the biggest show of LANY’s that she’s been to. She also said their performance was unparalleled.

“This is my first time hearing them with the album out, so that was really exciting to hear them play all the new songs,” McGarr said. “They always give a really good performance and know what they’re doing up there.”

Throughout the night, lead singer Paul Klein connected with the crowd through his dancing and impassioned singing. The crowd was right alongside him, singing their hearts out with nearly every song.

“[LANY’s songs] can kind of reach a lot of crowds. It’s personable music,” Laures said. “And I just like their style; they’re just very much themselves.”

To end the night, the band performed a couple of their bigger hits, “Super Far” and “ILYSB.”

The band’s passion-infused songs captured the attention of fans, and despite the band being relatively new, it performed an overall high-quality show.


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